“My father was a sperm donor” Mejja says as he talks about his relationship with his kids

Genge singer Mejja had arguably the best year of his career in 2020 with the singer being featured in numerous collaborations.

Some might even call it the year of Mejja, with the rapper making every song he was featured in better in every way, shape and form-Yes, even with tumbler he has become synonymous with!

While his success has made him a household name, that doesn’t mean many Kenyans actually know the story behind the tall lyrical MC.

Yesterday, Mejja was interviewed by the lovely Massawe Jappani, who was able to get the rapper to reveal personal details about his parents, something he had decided to keep under wraps from fans.

The musician came clean on why he had chosen to use his mum’s surname instead of his dad’s, explaining that he and and his siblings were raised by a single mum; who struggled but sacrificed her life to give her kids the life they deserved.

He said that his father had walked out on him and his siblings; forcing their poor mum to struggle on her own with no one else to help her. He said,

“I call myself Khadija because my father was a sperm donor. As a child, I didn’t understand the sacrifices she made for us. Sometimes, I would find her crying in the house and she would act like nothing was wrong.”

He went on to add;

“When I grew up and had my family, I realized she went through a lot to raise three boys. After coming to Nairobi, people would always comment about the name saying it’s a woman’s so I started insisting mtoto wa Khadija. She’s my inspiration,”

And while the singer might have children with a baby mama, it doesn’t mean that he will take the route his absentee father took. “I have faced so many challenges that in an ideal situation, my father’s advice would have come in handy- but I had to deal with a lot on my own. There are some things you can’t tell your mother as it would give her more stress.”

He went on to add, “People don’t realize that I have children- I promised myself to never be away from them. I didn’t want to raise my kids outside the family unit but circumstances forced me to. It doesn’t matter if we are not together with baby mama- the child did nothing wrong.”

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