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Niliambia mzee nampenda akaniuliza, kwani mimi ni mamako? Man tells Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo who was seating in for Maina Kageni today morning introduced a fascinating topic today. The sultry-voiced presenter brought up the issue of why kids (men in particular) didn’t tell their fathers that they loved them.

“Why can’t you tell your brother I love you. Is that not a case of toxic masculinity. If you could tell your dad today that you loved him, would you?”

The most common responses from men were in agreement with Mike that they indeed couldn’t tell their fathers that they loved them. One of the most hilarious responses is below:

Mike kuna siku niliambia mzee nampenda akaniuliza kwani mimi ni mamako?

Check out more comments from Kenyans below:

The women who responded meanwhile said that they would/did tell their fathers about their love for them.

I wish he was alive, I would tell him every day. I wish he was alive I would tell him every day.

That is business for women.

That is tricky sana. You know old man is someone we aren’t close together with.

Hiyo ni kazi ya wanawake hama wasichana. Mimi siwezi kuambia babangu eti nampenda…. labda nimfanyie kitu ya kumunyesha nampenda.

Every time I talk to my dad I tell him I love him and thank him for raising me.

We do passionately love our fathers, we don’t necessarily have to pronounce it on them.

I don’t have one. I wish I had I tell him a thousand times until he hates me.

I tell my dad frequently I Love him, it comes naturally and I don’t see it’s a problem. He is special to me.

“I lost my dad when I was very young but I know they say hakuna mtoto nachukia hapa that’s their way of saying I love you.”

That I love you thing will depend, how u were brought up, and your generation, sisi wale wa nahapo b4 hiwezi. At first men don’t boost bond between them and boyshaud,and this is the reason we got no guts to tell dad ‘I Love You’ is absolutely tricky.

Mike if u grew up as a man and witnessed only your mom would tell you I love and your father never used that name all of your life ,wea will u start telling him u love him ? That’s why it’s hard for them ,to used the word

Mwalimu the world love is said to an opposite sex…that is way it’s very easy to say that to our mums

“We love our parents but siwezi ambia baba yangu napenda ni ngumu kidogo.”

No it isnt. Depend on how you were raised, if there was open communication or was taught to supress you emotions, -“not to sound feminine”. Most children to appease & please, tend to ‘live’ their parents’ ‘truths’ without questioning its validity.

Tunaogopa ngumi. 

I don’t say so coz he doesn’t. But I show him through actions, like we always do.

The word means something else, loving a man is said in actions

Fathers deserve respect not love

He knows,,, si lazzma

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