From fashion to face me cars, here’s a look into random TBT things

Life was full of fun back in the day, but technology has messed up things. Here’s a look into things that made life back in the days:

1. Face me cars

These were either buses or pickup with extended carrier. The seats faced each other with a metal bar running at the roof of the carrier. Excess passengers stood in the middle holding the bar for support. People with luxury were the ones carried at the front seats. They didn’t have to be squeezed like sacks of potatoes. Glaring at the person seated on the other side was really annoying.

2. Fashion

afro nywele

Fashion was a crazy affair. Women rocked in mini skirts with afros. Men, on the other hand, rocked in tight shirts and belly bottom khaki trousers. Why they fixed a comb on the side of the head, I’ll need to ask my dad on that. That dressing style had girls going gaga. If you rocked in such, you stood ahead of the pack.

3. Video joints

They only cost you 5 shillings and you’d be taken one on one to Vietnam by the famous Dj Afro. Forgive the rural kids because English was something foreign to their ears.

Screenshot_2020-03-12 DJ AFRO OFFICIAL VIDEO ( dj_afro_a_k_a) • Instagram photos and videos

They needed a guy to interpret it for them. Movies were scheduled for the weekend. Boys crowded these dens ready to watch the action-packed movies available for the day.

4. Haircut

If it wasn’t that afro it had to be the common box haircut. The hair at the back and the side of the head were trimmed leaving the rest of it intact. This haircut was a bomb. How else would you get the attention of women if you couldn’t get such a cool haircut? This old haircut is becoming a favorite choice for many men nowadays.

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