Fashion detected! Terryane Chebet shows you simple ways to rock headwraps (photos)

Headwraps have gradually started to take over the fashion space in our closets that was once occupied by wide brim hats.

The good thing about them is they always come through for example, when you got an impromptu event to attend but your hair is in bad condition.

You never know when such emergencies may come along, it’s safe to always have several head wraps for such days.

The best thing about headwraps is that anyone can rock one so long as you learn how to do it.

Terryanne Chebet has also joined in and we can say the head wraps looks good on her.

She told her fans that she will rocking headwraps for a change.

“No one told me that with head wraps you need one that not only matches what you wear but they’d probably need a whole shelf!! I’ve run out of wraps! I have 4. 😱😱 Any pointers?”

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Check out few photos;

terr 1 terr 2 terr 3

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