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Fashion blogger Anita Gaitho opens up about breast changes after pregnancy

2015 BAKE Award nominee Anita Gaitho is shedding light on a topic many new moms get so well.

Though she appears to carry herself with the confidence of a mature woman, she is revealing a secret that Kenyan breastfeeding mum’s can relate to.

Anita took it to Instagram to reveal a distressing reality of the changes she underwent during and after pregnancy. And it all has to do with droopy boobs.

The thing is even those who haven’t given birth yet also experience saggy boobs, which contributes to feelings of inferiority and unattractiveness.


Here are some ways to look past your saggy boobs and feels sexy again, according to blogger mylifesuckers.

  1. Get the right lingerie 
  2. Have sex The more sex you have with your man, the more confident you are going to feel about your body. And I’m not just saying this, proof abounds. Just ask Google and you’ll find hundreds of studies proving that having sex does all sorts of amazing things for your confidence, your body, your mojo, your hotness…
  3. Don’t even think about looking at a fashion magazine I get it. Those girls are perfect and the clothes are divine. But looking at girls who are airbrushed to perfection wearing clothes you can’t afford is a huge confidence killer. And who needs that?
  4. Write yourself a love letter My boobs may be saggy and my belly may be flabby but ladies, my calves. They rock. Whenever I need a little confidence boost, I write down a list of my hottest body parts and focus on those. Nothing like a good long list of the good to push away the bad.
  5. Ask your man I can pretty much guarantee that your man thinks you’re hot. No, really. Ask him. I’m sure he’ll give you a piece of his mind.
  6. Change out of your yoga pants. If you had asked me six months ago to take off my yogas, I would have said “over my dead body.” But here’s the thing when we dress confident, we act confident and we feel confident. I am telling you that maybe taking a shower and changing into something cute before your husband gets home from work would make you feel… hot.
  7. Go shopping. Since we’re talking about changing out of your yogas, I can’t help but take the next step and tell you to pick up something super adorable to wear on those days when you need a confidence pick-me-up. Pick up a great pair of jeans or splurge on a couple of outfits that you know will help you to feel hot. Then wear them proudly.
  8. Let them flop. Let’s just be honest: Those boobs aren’t going to magically get all perky again. Which means we’ve got to learn to flaunt what God gave us. So, go get your man right now (remember, he loves you and your boobs) and let him see what you’ve got.

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