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Fascinating reasons why Kenyans don’t read widely

“If you want to hide something from a Kenyan, put it in a book” This is one of the common sayings that is put across by different scholars who value reading. Kenyans are known to avoid reading like they avoid taxes. But what would be the reason? Here are some of them:

1. Not worth the money


A good book requires you to dig deep in your pockets. Kenyans are a hard lot to dish out cash to buy books. The silliest excuse a person has ever told me after I proposed to them to buy a book was they’d rather drink to their death but can’t waste money on a book regardless of its price.

I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

2. Waste of time

To some reading is a waste of time. They’d rather use that time doing something “constructive” Majority of Kenyans engage in something that has a reward in the end. And reading is not one of them. Some would rather use that time to sleep or play video games. Reading is generally not a fun to do activity.

3. English isn’t their language

“Kizungu si mdomo changu” We are familiar with this Kenyan funny saying. And Kenyans live up to that by book. They feel English is a hard language to understand when put on paper. It’s evident how hard it is for a typical Kenyan to express themselves in English.


Dear Kenyan, you only get better in a language by reading text written in it consistently.

4. Reading is for school

Majority of the public view reading as a school’s only affair. Ever asked a Kenyan to read even a single paragraph in a newspaper and the next thing you’ll hear is “Kwani nafanya exam?” Majority of Kenyans read their last book back in their last level of education.

Hey you! The fact that you have read this article you can try getting a book. A page a day!

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