Jacque Maribe with her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie

Farming to Mjengo: The jobs Jowie should do to get over his love for Jacque Maribe

A few days ago, Jacque Maribe indirectly hinted that she is done with waiting for her prince charming Joseph Irugu alias Jowie to get off prison.

A fan of hers asked her if she is still engaged to Jowie and if the ring she has on is his.

Jacque responded saying,

‘I am still wearing it.


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Well now that there is no hope of bail, here are things that Jowie can engage in while in prison to get over his lost love, Maribe.

1. Farming

Shocking as it might be, farming is good business. Jowie can take advantage and expand his knowledge by joining Kamiti’s farming club.

He might need the skills once out of jail after all kazi ni kazi.

2. Carpentry

Since no guns are allowed in prison, Jowie can learn to use his hands.

Who knows maybe by the time he gets out Maribe might want a man who loves creating cool stuff with wood.

3. Preaching or singing in the club

For those who might not know, Kamiti prison has preachers and singers.

Jowie might try joining the clubs above who knows they might earn him some good points.

He might actually be released for good behaviour (Maybe, what do I know? All that knowledge I have gathered from watching too many thrillers and crime movies).

4. Cook

According to Omar Ismael, 64, a former Manyani inmate. The coveted role of a cook comes with a lot of requirements.

“You must possess an American height ideal for twisting those long mwiko za ugali'(cooking sticks) inside huge pots.

Muscles are a must as you will be cooking ugali for more than 300 people two times a day,” Ismael says.

He added that.

‘Being of good morals and behaviour is also another qualification as you might, in a moment of inspired lunacy, poison all askari jela (wardens) and bully inmates,”

5. Soap making

The soap might be used in or outside the prison. It is sold and the funds used for the prison’s upkeep.

6. Mat-making

This skill is important in crafting products that can be sold.

7. Tailoring

This may include making clothes and other things to be used in or outside the prison.

8. Metal work

This includes making metallic materials whether for prison use or to resell.

9. Mason

In layman’s language, this is kua mtu wa mkono in a building site (mjengo).

Every other day, buildings come up and Jowie might as well do some of this work.

Since Kenyan prisons have no gym, this is the only sure way of keeping his muscles ripped.

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