Diamond and Zuchu together

Fans take Diamond and Zuchu message about jealousy as dig at Tanasha and Ali Kiba


Attention attention, ladies and gentlemen the video for the song ‘Litawachoma’ by Diamond and Zuchu is finally out.

Please don’t pull this one down, there is so much to love about it.

Zuchu is looking lovely as per her usual and Diamond has decided to go another direction when it comes to his dress code, but it works for the video anyway.

When the song starts, the songbird comes in looking like Beyonce, from the gown to the gloves. But we are not surprised, they are the kings of borrowing concepts.

The lyrics can easily be assumed to be directed at her nemesis Tanasha, who coincidentally has really been going at them. The rumors in Tanzania are that her relationship with Diamond ended because of his interest in Zuchu.

“Kipenzi Changu Cha Ngama mi Ma Wewe Hadi Milelee Komesha Wachokozii Wabaki KututazamaTuwatoe Jasho La Nywele”

Compared to the other video, Cheche, this time Diamond and Zuchu demonstrate that they really do have serious chemistry.

They look like such a cute couple just like what has been said about them. They are not afraid to touch and even get too close.

Watch the video below to  see just what I am describing:

Zuchu Ft Diamond Platnumz – Litawachoma (Official Video)

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