Fans React To Former Mombasa Senator Talking About Zari And Diamond Platnumz

This Diamond-Zari-Hamissa love triangle has gotten really juicy with everyone talking about it from celebrities to politicians. This is something  I never thought would create attention even to leaders.

Former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar has shown interest in the love triangle between the bongo star artiste and his baby mamas. His post on twitter has aroused many mixed reactions after sharing his mind on the issue.

Here is what he tweeted:

This Zari/Diamond stuff might require some ‘high level’ intervention from Mombasa. Bro, it’s getting out of hand🙏

Check out reactions from fans:

Benah: bro Hassan .are you turning out to be marriage consultant??? Heheheeheh…politician of our times!

Saada: kwani umekuwa blogger senator please achana nahumrengooo

OmolloHeading to oblivion is truly a sad thing, the mighty Omar Hassan tweeting about Zaria and Diamond, this is bad

David: Politics kwisha.. saa hii ni showbiz… hapana temea Babu mate..!!

Nyoremo: Eish! You are this idle?

Fred: Wewe ulidunda flat sahi umeamua kuingilia issue za wasanii

Abra‏Man of protean abilities, did not think an iintellectual like you will be interested in tabloid and trite matters Zari/Dai

Duncan: Now this is where you fit. The world of socialites. Siasa achia Joho.

 Peter: Sen. Omar has social rights too. Some guys likes attacking 4 no reason.

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