Jacque Maribe’s friends are nowhere to be seen despite her arrest and here is what Classic 105’s fans think about it:Audio

The arrest of Jacque Maribe has elicited the debate on why the society is only condemning women leaving men out of it when both of them are to blame.

This comes as Jacque was arrested in connection to Monicah Kimani’s gruesome murder her only mistake being in love with a man who turned to be a suspect in the murder as well.

Monicah Kimani
Monicah Kimani

During the Morning show on Classic 105 fans had this to say on why women are used as a sacrificial lamb even when its not necessary

“I have no problem with young girls dating married men and when I get married I don’t expect anyone to complain about me sleeping with young girls its simply called Karma.”

Another says

“Jacque Maribe was living a life that was not hers looking ,She has the money but she wanted to amass more and that is why she is here,she is suffering for something she might not have committed.

She was looking for more money ,living a life she could not afford,sadly she will end up like Esther Arunga even her boss is now referring to her as ‘a reporter’ rather than ‘our reporter’ that means even her employer might not take her back,she is on her own .”

From a blood stained Kanzu to Monicah’s handbag being found in her house here are reasons why Jacque Maribe was arrested

A female caller says

“Ladies should learn to work hard for their money ,men will come use you and anika you to the public.don’t allow yourself to be used.

You should also know who your friends are especially the celebrities like now no one who is Jacques friend is being seen supporting her its only her family the rest of the world is just sitting and watching.

It breaks my heart especially as a woman to see how her career has just taken a nose dive,even the buddies she used to drink with are nowhere to be seen. Women should know that the world will beat you left right and center and no one will care.”

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