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Fans in disbelief Mulamah pays 9k in rent, but he has proof


While his peers are bragging how they are managing to live lavishly thanks to their hard work, comedian Mulamwah is doing the opposite.

He told fans in a QnA that he saves his money and lives moderate. He was asked ‘unalipa nyum,ba doo ngapi?’ to which he responded with picture proof of his rent showing 9k.

Another fan asked him how he manages to be so disciplined about money, and the comedian said he saves his money living a frugal life with his fiancée Carol Sonnie.

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The comedian and Sonnie are expecting their first child very soon, and have done a can for the gender of the child, but not opened the envelope yet to find out. The fan asked ‘;a boy or girl’. Mulamwh responded ‘weh sijajua, we have the results but we haven’t opened’.

He told a fan who wanted to know how excited they are to be new parents that ‘a gender reveal will be done, although they don’t like parties for such occasions’.


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