Willy Paul

‘Are you still a gospel singer yawa?’ Fan questions Willy Paul after welcoming Hope Kid to the ‘other side’

Willy Paul seems to be getting into more controversy about his faith every single day with many wondering if his music is more gospel or secular.

The artiste who was a darling to many for his touching gospel music has recently been bashed by social media users for producing songs which do not glorify God.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Willy Paul received a back lash from the public after accepting Hopekid into the ‘other side ‘ after releasing his latest jam ‘ Perfect’ which according to him (Hope Kid) is meant for every woman out there just to remind them that they are perfect in their own ways.

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Hope KId in his latest album 'Perfect'
Hope Kid in his latest jam ‘Perfect’

Willy Paul took to social media to promote Hopekid’s new song but all didn’t go well. He wrote,

“Yes this n***a just joined me on this other side… Lol kazi safi from Hopekid,”

This statement has left many with questions than answers.

Did Willy Paul just admit that he’s no longer a gospel singer? Has he signed Hope kid under his Saldido Record label or what did he mean by saying ‘he joined me on the other side?”

Willy Paul has done collabos with secular artistes such as Harmonize, Sauti Sol and Jamaica’s Alaine in their hit song ‘I do’.

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He has also been under criticism recently after posting cozy photos of him and Nandy who is a secular artiste.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy

The post ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments:

Stano_ule_mmoja: Which side be specific ni***r

Akothtona: Dunia isimame nishuke!!this young “gospel” artists watatufanya mambo hii Kenya

Frank_joe: The song is dope let them judge,#The Almighty is the Judge

Euralianovince: Are you still a gospel singer yawa

King_mras: This is Gospel or secular

Jalang’o wrong to judge whole industry – Size 8

Iamlevyb: Pole ….which means u know what you’re doing? ,,,,other side?? @willy.paul.msafi

Blessedgalgods: Which side??See me See Trouble Ooh.this is the same @hopekidhk who released Not long ago Huduma iendelee.Auworo,now its willys side no longer Gods side. This World is Really Not my home

pitah_254Way to go boys… explore your God given to the limits… don’t be caged in someone’s expectations wee tu ndio unajua your relationship na God wako

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