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I have lost 3 family members in two months-Mung’ala Mbuvi sadly narrates

Paul Mung’ala Mbuvi, a prominent journalist has suffered a lot this past few months-suffered more than most would be able to bear.

The man who works as an anchor on TV has disclosed the sad news that he lost three family members in a span of two months.

In an update seen by Classic105, Mung’ala is currently mourning the demise of his grandfather plus two other family members whose identities he did not disclose.

He added that he had spent his Tuesday, moving from the hospital and two morgues.

“Today is one of those days. I have spent the better part of my day in hospital, in a hearse and two morgues. Not how I expected events to unfold when I woke up. And here I thought traffic will be my biggest problem this year…..😞😞😞😞 In two months, I have lost 3 family members. Jameni, kweli kifo hakina huruma. Grandpa has gone to be with Papa God. Someone I spoke to a day ago, bado reality haijaingia,” shared Mung’ala Mbuvi.

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Just last year, Mung’ala was fundraising money to cater for his mother’s surgery after she was diagnosed with Ampullary Tumor.

This sad story reminds me of a similar one that occurred to motivational speaker, Robert Burale who lost a 3 family members in the span of one year.

The pastor revealed at the time that he had lost one of his brothers to Sickle cell Anaemia, while he lost another to a car accident.

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Then a few months later his sister Sarah also passed away, with Burale writing at the time, “My sister Sarah …Words fail me …The phone call from the doctor that you are no more hit me like a thunderbolt. This is hard….Really hard ..Rest well my sister…Dad and our two brothers had gone before you…Enter into the Heavens Triumphantly. You fought a good fight ….You ran a good race and have now finished your race  Rest well my sister Sarah….”

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