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Family lessons to learn during the Coronavirus pandemic

I know guys.

I’ve been writing articles revolving around Coronavirus and you’ll have to pardon me.

More is in the store for you.

Buckle up.

The past few weeks have been tough the world over.

However, it’s a high time we reflect on the family values we have let loose and here’s a few:
1. Create time for your kids
Everyone says of how busy they are searching for “unga” to put on the table. But a man who neglects his own kids with the excuse of searching food for the family is as good as a dead man. During this period, most companies have asked their employees to work from home and people are out here agonising on how it’s hard to deal with kids. It’s not news that some kids would better lock themselves in their rooms rather than bond with the rest of the family. The father steps in and they walk out. That’s trouble looming.
2. Love your spouse
Been caught up in the modern relationship, it reaches a point where people live like host and guest. Look at yourself now, you have no option but to put up with that spouse you’ve been not paying attention to. It’s a good time to rekindle that love and bring a new spark to your dead romantic life.
3. Strive to make a home
Most of you were busy partying, taking those road trips and now it’s time to stay at home for the longer part of the day. You neglected your own home and it’s in shambles now. Your wife doesn’t care anymore, your kids cling to their mother more than you and you already feeling like a refugee in your house. For the women, you left all the wifely and motherly duties to the house help and the kids are now attached to her more than you. It’s a high time you went back to the drawing board and rectify the issue before it gets out of hand.
4. Family time
Do families eat at a table anymore or perhaps play games together. Everyone is busy on their phone keeping in tabs with what’s trending. Houses act like hostels and eating joints. Family members don’t sit together anymore to have meaningful talks. Try to retrace your steps and see where things went wrong, won’t you?

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