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‘Fake news’ Tanasha screams after Diamond’s friend claimed Prado he gave her isn’t hers

Diamond Platnumz’s 3rd baby mama Tanasha Donna has spoken up after his friend claimed that she didn’t own the car she was gifted back in 2019 by the singer.

The beauty quickly shouted, “fake news” after the Bongo star’s close confidant claimed she did not own the car that was gifted to her.

Diamond's gift to Tanasha
Diamond’s gift to Tanasha

In a post shared on Instagram, Tanasha was quick to say there are a lot of rumours and untrue stories about her circulating online and they are all false.

According to the mother of one, no one should believe whatever is being said about her because nothing can be further from the truth than all the rumours.

I haven’t sued Diamond for wasting my time – Tanasha

Juma Lokole, a friend of Diamond’s family had earlier said the high-end car gifted to Tanasha during her birthday was registered under none other than Mama Dangote’s name. Therefore, the 24-year-old did not own anything in Tanzania. A fan had asked Juma whether the single mum walked out with her car when she and the Jeje singer split up.

Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz together with Tanasha in the past

According to the blogger, that would be impossible because the vehicle was never hers to begin with. Juma added Diamond also had no plans to sell the heavy machine because he is not one to pawn off anything he owns and most of his cars belong to his mother. Tanasha walked out of the singer’s home in February after rumours claimed the two had a fallout in Nairobi.

Tanasha posing

It was believed she and her ex-lover did not see eye to eye after her album release held in the city. At that time, rumour had it Diamond was deep inside an unnamed woman while his baby mama was busy launching her album.

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