Facts about marriage that people tend to avoid

In order to overcome all those ups and downs you have to accept the following facts;

Your decisions affect both parties

When you are single or dating, anything you do does not affect anyone else but you. You make decisions on your own and handle them in the best way you know how. This changes when you get married. The decision you make should fit both you and your partner. You literary have to consult your partner before doing something and decide on how to handle the situation at hand.

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 Your partner’s phone should not be a bother

This has really been a challenge to many marriages. If you want to have a happy relationship, your partners phone should not bother you at all. When you start interrogating about the contacts and messages you may raise doubts that can be either true or false. You may either misinterpret or misunderstand some texts and this can kill your marriage especially if you suspect you are being cheated on which may not be the case.


Attraction to other people

This is one fact that you must live with. When you are married it does not mean that you will not be attracted to other people. It maybe to a celebrity or even your colleague at work but it does not mean you are no longer attracted to your partner. It is your responsibility therefore as an individual to control your hormones and eyes so as not to be lured into cheating. This also applies to you as an individual. Marriage does not mean you will not attract other people.

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 You will be married to the family too

The sooner you accept this the better for you. This mainly affects the ladies and their in-laws. When you get married, it is not only to your husband but also his family as you become part of them too. In-laws can be a headache especially the mother in-laws. The best thing is to study your in-laws and know the best way to handle them as you will spend the rest of your lifetime with them and you have to keep a good relationship with them.

No financial paybacks

This changes in marriage because you become one and so you should not expect a payback on any cash you spend on your partner. You will be expected to do all these things wholeheartedly because of love and not because it’s your turn to return the favor. This will make you to keep your marriage happy and longer with peace.


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