Extremes women are willing to go to bust their cheating spouses

This may sound like an episode from the series cheaters, but it actually happened. The extent to which women would go to catch their unfaithful spouses is crazy.

A listener on Larry Asego’s afternoon show says she has designed just the perfect way to bust her philandering man. She crammed the bar code numbers of the packet of condoms in the house just in case her man decided to use them when she had travelled on a work trip.

Coming home and checking the condoms, she realised they were different and her fiance was acting really friendly confirming her suspicions. Women, what crazy methods have you invented to bust your cheating spouse?

In the two-paged ¬†email she sent to Larry, the lady tells men to style up, Just because ladies forgive doesn’t mean they are stupid. Read the confession below

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