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Exposed! Sharon Otieno’s message to Okoth Obado’s wife before her death

Before her untimely death Sharon Otieno, a second year student had plans with Migori Governor Okoth Obado to buy her a house in Nairobi .

The two did not get to come to a final agreement as Sharon’s body was found dumped in Kodera forest with eight stab woods. She was 7 months pregnant and the Governor has finally taken responsibility and admitted that the pregnancy was his.

The Governor declined, citing exorbitant prices, and promised to build her one in Migori County instead, this seems to have frustrated the late Sharon who opted to reach out to Obado’s wife Hellen  and son Daniel.



Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

The detectives revealed that the messages included

“Plans for travel together to a romantic getaway, whereto meet, certain items the Governor was to buy as well as as discussions on the future of the baby being carried by Sharon Otieno.”

Detectives claim Sharon forwaded the lovey dovey messages and conversation about the baby and the house to the wife and son. Obado  recently came out to distance himself from Sharons murder.

In his first media conference since Sharon’s death he said

“We have come here as a family that has been devastated, ridiculed and embarrassed by the sad news of the demise of Sharon. We are indeed at our very lowest moment in life. Hata usingizi hakuna, hata appetite hakuna [loosely translated as, ‘We have lost sleep and appetite.” 


Sending condolences to the friends and family of the deceased, Obado denied involvement in the murder that has seen so far his aide charged afresh in Nairobi and held in remand for fourteen more days.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), I recorded a statement in Kisumu with the DCIO. I would like to say here that I am still ready and willing to give further statements so that real killers of Sharon can be brought to book. As a law abiding citizen, I have nothing, and absolutely nothing, to do with the cruel death of Sharon.” 

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