Captain Kale

‘Expose us on CNN for being dead beats hatujali ‘ Brags Captain Kale

Today’s morning debate on Classic 105 was based on why men do not support their kids when they part with their wives and only wait to be exposed.

Here is what one caller had to say

If she puts me on social media that’s her problem. The people were not there when we were meeting.

My aunt separated years ago every body knew the kind of woman she was.

The husband left because he was a long distance driver and when he came back my aunt would not open the door.

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My aunt would not give him food arguing that watoto wamekula.

If my woman takes me to social media to tell people I am a dead beat dad acha hao watu wa social media wamsaidie.

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Another caller adds

If I am not in good terms with a woman I will cut ties with the kids to avoid seeing her.

Another adds

So women think that when they put us on social media they will intimidate us? She can even put it on CNN and Al Jazeera we do not care, they cannot intimidate us.

Wakanai calls in and adds

When we were getting that kid we were in love, something happened and we parted. A woman will always look for a reason to fight you through that kid.

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