‘Women are meant to be helpers, not leaders’, says Kenyan lady

As the world marks International Women’s Day, a Classic 105 caller shocked many by stating women should not be leaders because “even the Bible does not support it”.

So convinced was she to a point of giving a few references in the Bible that show that a woman was made to be a helper.

“Women were made to be helpers and not leaders that is why Adam was created first and Eve followed.

Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus had no female disciples?”

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Here is what the callers had to say

“Where is the place of a woman Mwalimu King’ang’i ? The society has brainwashed us to a point that we can’t do good as women.

We are expected to be contented to be just helpers.”

Another caller adds

“If you look at the most successful marriage the women are very obedient and do not compete with their husbands career wise.

They are contented being helpers because they do not want to look like they are competing with their husbands.

Women should not be competing with men.”

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Just when you think that you have heard enough for the day another caller adds

“Jesus Christ fed 5000 men and women but women were not counted yet they were present,what does that tell you?”

Another caller says

“Expecting a woman to be a leader is like comparing God and the devil.”

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