Raila Junior and Fidel Odinga

Exclusive: I wish my brother Fidel was alive to meet my son – Raila Junior

Raila Junior has in a candid interview opened up about some of the things he wishes he could tell his late brother Fidel Odinga.

Raila Junior also opened up on how fatherhood has changed him and why he would never trade that role for anything else.

“The birth of my son is the most special memory of my life. It transformed me as a man and a father I was so humbled.

Fatherhood is perfect, there are days you go home and maybe you are angry and this little soul just jumps on you and you forget all the troubles of the world.

He brings you down to earth (literally).”

‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior

RailaJunior and his wife
RailaJunior and his wife

Raila Junior also opened up about how he and his wife tried conceiving unsuccessfully for five years before their son came along.

“We waited for a child for five years. Not once did I pressure my wife because both of us were already being pressured out there by friends.

I thank God because he later blessed us with a son.”

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

He also confessed that the death of his brother Fidel was the most trying time they had gone through as a family, followed by the illness of his sister Rosemary Odinga.

“The biggest thing I would love to talk to Fidel about is continuation of family.

He died before my son was born and so he never got to meet him. I would have loved for him to have a chance to interact with my son

He would have made a very good uncle to my son, I miss him so much.”Raila added

The late Fidel Odinga with his wife and son in a past photo

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