EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Controversial Gospel Singer Bahati Was Broke Even After Hit Track

Bahati has finally spoken out about his struggle before achieving the fame and fortune has achieved.

In an exclusive interview during the launch of a local show dubbed, Story Yangu, the Maria hitmaker revealed the reason why he was so broke, even though his hit song Mama was all over the airwaves back then.


The multi-award winning artist disclosed that piracy was one of the things that led to him being broke. He went on to confess that in 2013, he was the artist who was most affected by piracy in Kenya. Yes, you heard right, the most pirated artist in Kenya.


The most shocking thing of all was that Baha revealed those who used to pirate his music were part of his own team. He, however, says he did not want to complain since he wanted to be seen on TV. Some friends those were!

Bien Of Sauti Sol Congratulates Bahati On His New Music After Attacking Him On Social Media


Well, the Machozi singer has since then graced our screens with his melodious voice, winning numerous awards, not forgetting the events he has headlined to date.

On the flip side, he’s also been in the spotlight for his controversial beef with fellow artists. Let’s hope this year will be drama free for Bahati.


This is what Bahati exclusively said;

“Nilikua naenda kwa watu wa piracy nasimama hapo..actually I think in 2013 I was one of the most pirated artists in Kenya…Na sikucompalin coz nilikua natamani bado nitokee kwa Tv…Nilikua naenda nasimama hapo wakiuza CD wananiambia ‘Kijana naona huu msanii ameku-inspire hadi unaeka nywele kama yeye.’

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