EXCLUSIVE: WCB’s Mbosso presents ‘Haijakaa Sawa’

WCB signed artiste Mbosso has a new song out dubbed ‘Haijakaa Sawa’. The singer says he wrote the emotional love song intentionally for this season to encourage people.

In an exclusive interview with Classic105.com reporter Kalondu Musyimi he said

‘The song is about a typical African family. Not all African families but most of them where you have to go to work and sometimes come back angry but then you might fight with your partner and later on patch things. It’s a life that involves getting or not getting, it’s a situation that comes and one must hope that it will pass, that’s the meaning of this song.’

The ‘Tamu’ hitmaker says he has counted losses after his show in France was cancelled due to the pandemc

‘I had a couple of shows in France and they were all cancelled. I was supposed to get a lot of money. The corona pandemic has affected everyone.Things are now at a standstill’

Mbosso who is well known for his numerous hits says he is set to gift his fans with a surprise

‘Please expect something good from me. I have good news. Anytime from now, I’ll be announcing something to my fans cause I have a gift for them. I feel like I have just started my year afresh’

‘Why I left Yamoto Band’, Mbosso reveals

He reminisces a time when he was supposed to perform in Malindi, which unfortunately never happened

‘Last year, I had a show in Malindi but the organizers failed to met their end of the deal. At the airport, they told my manager that they would pay the rest of the amount at the hotel. When we go there, they said they’d pay after the soundcheck. After that, they said they don’t have the money. When we informed the management in Dar Es Salaam but they refused. I was ready for the show but the management refused and the organizers weren’t anywhere to be seen. To say the truth, I was hurt that I disappointed my fans in some way. I apologized and I thank God that they understood me.’

He and Kenyan boy-band Sauti Sol were supposed to do a collabo ‘ Yes, We were supposed to do something together but both our schedules were tight and I still want to do a collabo with Sauti Sol cause I know they are my brothers and I know they’ll agree so fans should not think that there are differences between us, maybe the time is not yet’

He went on to thank Kenyans for their undying support for him

‘I thank Kenyans for supporting me and even when I come for shows, you welcome me with love. I’m happy and I pray that you continue to support me. I love Kenyan people’

Mbosso joined WCB in 2018 after exiting the boy band ‘Ya Moto Band’

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