Kansiime with Maina and Chipukeezy

Exclusive: This is how comedian Chipukeezy landed that job at NACADA

Comedian Chipukeezy was in the Classic 105 studio Friday morning, where Maina Kageni hosted him as he brought along Ugandan star Anne Kansiime.

Maina and Kansiime, both congratulated Chipukeezy on his new job, and they wanted to know how he got it.

Maina sought to know how Chipu go that job. Nikujuana au?

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Chipukeezy coyly responded  to Maina’s query saying;

‘Ni maundu ma mwathani.’

‘Ni mambo ya mungu’, he repeated when Maina insisted on the truth.

Maina asked, ‘apana, ulijuaje mtu hapo ukakuingiza hapo?

‘You know that’s the thing about our mentality as people. Do you have to know people to be successful? or to be employed? or to be given a responsibility?  It’s self given if  you ask me’.

In the June 6 Gazette Notice, Chipukeezy – a comedian, will join NACADA Board as a member.

Did he know he would land such a plum job? KOT were on social media, alleging his relations with several high profile politicians. But Chipu denied this saying

‘No, I didn’t know I would be given the job’.

Chipukeezy, in an Instagram post on Thursday, expressed his gratitude to the President and DP William Ruto following the appointment.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank God, HE the president, the Deputy president for the appointment to the NACADA Board,” he said.

“This is very humbling and I promise to work hard towards ensuring that the task ahead is accomplished as per the expectations,” the comedian said.

Maina ended the interview by congratulating him;

‘congratulations my brother I am so proud of you’, he concluded.

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