Exclusive: ‘The world have lost a good soul,’ Petra mourns Papa Dennis

Late singer Papa Dennis had many friends among them singer Petra.

The two released a song together titled “Party” after which the two went on to do a media tour together.

Just like friends, family and fans, Petra was shocked by the death of her friend Papa Dennis and has described him as a good soul.

She said this morning in an exclusive interview with Classic 105,
“I found out about the death of papa Dennis through a friend at night.”

“He was a good soul, he was a very kind soul and the world has lost someone who had a very good soul.”

“I had so many memories with him and most of them I hold dear to my heart because they are private and I like mourning in private,” she said.

According to his other friends like Daddy Owen, he says he is saddened by the passing on of singer Papa Dennis.

Owen, who did a collabo Foundation with Papa Dennis has revealed that he rushed to the scene after news broke that the Makekes hitmaker was no more.

In an Instagram post, Owen wrote how he rushed to the scene immediately he was notified only to find a lifeless body.

Daddy Owen has promised to share more about the singer soon.

“When I first heard about his passing I rushed to the scene just to confirm its true.. reaching I found like only 4 people there and they pointed at a lifeless body which I had to confirm is Papa Dennis.. it was a very sad scene. Rest in Peace Papa Dennis. I will share more soon.🙏🙏🙏’ he wrote accompanied by photos below.

Daddy Owen

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