EXCLUSIVE: Size 8 responds to trolls after Kenyans dissed her performance during President Uhuru’s inauguration

It was all colorful  on 28th November 2018 as Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya for the second term at the Kasarani stadium. Top artistes, the likes of award-winning singers Rufftone, Emmy Kosgei, Size 8 among others entertained those who had attended the inauguration function.

Well, when Mateke hitmaker Size 8 took to the stage to entertain the crowd she started talking too much at least according to social media and she had just started singing her second song Tam Tam when all hell broke loose.


Before the crowd could even join in the singing, her performance was cut short leaving her followers tongues wagging and thinking that she was not entertaining or rather she had chosen the wrong song for that day.

Well, speaking to Word is she addressed the issue after they released a new song together with Mr Seed who is a  member of the EMB Records.

I have not been signed with EMB Records but just a collabo with Mr.Seed. It was very good working with Mr seed, He is very humble and very anointed by God, and then he is my brother from a long time. Mr seed ni mtu ako na character easy to work with with.” Added the gospel artist Size 8.

Asked about the inspiration behind the song, she said that,” Christ is the inspiration behind our song ,you know we are in our last days and people need to get saved we are harvesting and it is a call for people to get saved. We are not singing to represent ourselves but Christ himself.”


Speaking on the performance issue she said according to her, having done two performances she think did was not perform but instead she ministered to the people.

“I did not perform, I ministered to the people and God was there and the people were happy.

Sikuona coz i have been busy,adding that everyone is entitled to speak what they want but for me i engaged the crowd. My purpose was to engage with my fun and if people found it funny or whatever, my intension was to engage and celebrate the good doing of the Lord.I can’t not judge people vibaya, I guess its because the had not seen my earlier performance. Anyway i had fun and i was so happy.”

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