Shaniqwa and his girlfriend Jemutai

Exclusive: Prayer and respect has sustained my relationship- Shaniqwa

Shaniqwa and his girlfriend Naomi Jemutai recently welcomed their first-born and they cannot get enough of this new member of the family.

The former TV host-cum-comedian is loved by many for his contagious sense of humor, but not much is known about his dating life.

The news that he had welcomed a son caught many by surprise, given that most of the people do not actually know he is a man for his cross dressing role on  KTN’s Life and Style show.

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Speaking during an exclusive interview with Classic 105 about his experience as a first time dad Shaniqwa says

“Fatherhood is awesome, to the guys out there I want to say that every kid is different thus you should not listen to hearsay from people.

People say all this things about kids ‘ooh ukipata mtoto hautapata time yako, ooh ukipata mtoto this ukipata mtoto that but personally I am enjoying every bit of it.”

Despite Shaniqwa being in the limelight his girlfriend Naomi Jemutai has managed to keep a low profile.

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Shaniqwa's girlfriend Naomi Jemutai during a maternity photoshoot

Speaking on what has kept the together Shaniqwa says

“We have dated for the last three years plus me being a celebrity has not changed anything she is very Ok with it.

The biggest problem/challenge is me working late sometimes.

What has helped our relationship is that we pray a lot and respect comes before love, you must respect someone first so that you can be able to love them.

So prayer and respect has been our foundation.”

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Shaniqwa with his bae Jemutai

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