Pastor Kanyari with his ex- wife Betty Bayo

Exclusive: Pastor Kanyari speaks about his wedding and plans to have more kids

Pastor Kanyari is single and ready to mingle ladies!

Speaking to Classic 105, he says that after his separation with gospel singer Batty Bayo, the spirit of getting another wife has not visited him, yet!

Yaani, he says he sees so many women, but he says he has not yet decided to get hooked to one.

“This is a journey and the spirit of getting married has not entered me but when it does, I will think about it. I am still single and ready to mingle,” he said.

Pastor Kanyari

Kanyari has two children he is raising with his ex-wife and he says he loves them to bits.
But guess what, Kanyari says that if he gets married again, he will get more kids.

“Like six of them. I will give birth until when God will say that is enough.”

His marriage with Betty hit the rock after his scandalous TV exposee a few years ago.

He says that he is okay and has no regrets.

His advice on love to people is that they should not take love matters so seriously.

“Ukiachwa achika. Otherwise, depression is there. If she was not your destiny, then let her go and stop begging for their love. If she stays, it’s okay,” he said.

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Betty Bayo 1

He urges people to always take care of their children.

“I respect separation but don’t neglect children. Take care of them and support them and give the woman a chance to get someone else to love her. She might get a ‘Jesus’ or a saint,” he said.

On whether he has any regrets, Kanyari says;

“I don’t regret it, just that I love my children so much but I can’t regret that we separated. Let her look for a Mzungu, when they die she will come looking for you,” he said.

On when he is opening his church, he says he will officially announce to his congregation.

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