Exclusive: Orphaned Kisii man selling kidney to pay off Sh90,000 Sacco loan

After Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe announced his decision to sell his kidney to pay off a debt, a Kisii-based man has shocked man by doing a similar thing.

Reaching out to radio presenters Gidi and Ghost on Radio Jambo, the man identified as Kevin wrote

“Jambo Gidi na Ghost I am Kevin from Kisii I am selling my kidney to help facilitate paying off my debts which I  owe to a certain group.I owe them fifty thousand, please help me look for a buyer for the same.”


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Speaking exclusively to Classic 105,  Kevin says

“I decided to sell my kidney because I have debts with my Sacco and they are on my neck claiming back their money. I  borrowed 50,000 in December 2017 to work on some projects.

Out of the 50’000 I have to pay an interest of 5000 every month and so far the interest has made the debt to rise up to 90,000 and I cannot be able to pay,I have tried asking for help from those around me but I  h ave not succeeded given that I come from a very poor background.”


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On being asked how much he is willing to sell his kidney for in case a buyer comes along,  he says

“I would want to sell it for 300,00. I tried so many things to try and clear the debt but everything hit a dead end. I am an orphan and hence I cannot be able to come up with that amount.”

Kevin confesses that his wife is against the idea but he will still do it anyway

“I have a wife and and a year old kid and my wife is against me selling my kidney but as it is I have no way out of this.”

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