Eunice Mammito

Exclusive: I have never met my dad and I am OK with it ‘ – Mammito

Churchill comedian Eunice Mammito has said that growing up in Kibra and watching her mother struggle with her two siblings was her biggest motivation.

In an exclusive interview heard by Classic 105, Mammito says that she does not know who her father is nor has she met him.

“My mother was very hard working and she motivated me a lot to work hard and get us out of the ghetto.

I was in a boarding school and I had to shift to a day school after my mum lacked cash to pay for my school fees.

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She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me she could not afford to continue paying my boarding school fee.

Seeing your mother cry hardens you.

I do not know my father and I have never met him and  I have never felt the gap as my mother has been there all along.”


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She adds

“At 21 -22 is when I started living with a friend because it was easier to commute from Kibra to Carnivore I then moved to a house whose rent was 3k.

I am now living in Roysambu though my mum lives in Thika.

Life in the ghetto was challenging you have to know what you want with your life to survive that life.

There are drugs, ladies dating gangsters yet they are so young.

They become teen mothers and the guy starts involving himself in petty crimes to survive. At some point he ends up being killed so the lady has to get married to another gangster to survive.

Its not hard to find a class six girl dating a Nduthi guy just for survival.”

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