EXCLUSIVE: Nameless Reveals What He Does To Stay Happily Married And Lessons You Can Learn From Him

David Mathenge better known by his stage name Nameless, is a top Kenyan pop artist. He came out to the limelight with his first hit song Megarider back in 1999, and later collaborated with the late Esir on the hit song Boomber Train that topped the charts countrywide. Nameless’ other songs include Sinzia, Salary and Butterfly.



The multiple award winner is a graduate from the University Of Nairobi where he studied architecture. Nameless is happily married to fellow singer Wahu and together they have two beautiful daughters, Tomiso and Nyakio. They celebrated their 11-year marriage with a vacay in the Coast.

We all know marriage is not a bed of roses, couples experience different phases and some end up giving up leading to break ups and divorce.


Nameless and Wahu got married in 2005 and years down the line they are still blossoming in love unlike many other celebrity marriages that don’t work out. In an interview with this writer in our studio, he shared his experience in marriage.

He said that those who have stayed in marriage for long tend to disagree on decisions and issue but couples must compromise and understand each other.

This is easy he notes because of the friendship that exists between the couple. Growing together career wise has partly contributed to their successful marriage because they both got into music career at the same time.


Being in the same industry has made it much easier for the two because they both understand the demands that come with the industry like taking photos with fans, acting in the music videos with both male and female actors.

Nameless said that his wife is normally on set during her music shoots and she doesn’t get insecure, as she understands the nature of the music industry.

When asked what he loved about his wife he was quick to say that they love similar things from movies and much more.

As we drew to the end of the interview the one thing he disclosed is that after being with someone that long there are things you may dislike about your significant other but one needs to know how to deal with weaknesses. He said his wife is the reason they get late to most functions but over the years he has learnt to deal with it.





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