Exclusive: Nameless and Atemi Oyungu set to launch first collabo ‘Romantic’. This is what you should now about the song

When two great minds come together, something amazing is about to happen and that is the case for Nameless and Atemi Oyungu.

The duo is set to launch their first collabo ‘Romantic’ which drops on Thursday, 20th September 2018 at 7:30pm.


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Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Nameless and Atemi stated that their latest project #InspiredByKenya was as a result of their love for this beautiful Country.

This has led them to create this hot video ‘Romantic’ which Kenyans can’t wait to listen to

“It’s a story of Kenyan romance and how Kenyan men don’t know much when it comes to that department.

I feel like romance in Africa is very different, even if you are going to romance me in an African way don’t justify yourself with the fact that you re providing for me.”

Atemi further argues that Kenyan men should pull up  their socks in the romance department. Expressing her shock after learning there is no Swahili word for romantic.

“I was looking for a word that is romance in Swahili and I could not find any.

I want my third album to be about romance but how can a song be about love when such words do not exist in our mother tongues?”


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On working with Nameless, Atemi says that as she was writing the lyrics Nameless is the only artiste who came to mind.

“As I wrote the lyrics he is the only one who came to mind, so I tabled my proposal and luckily he accepted.”

Nameless says

“When I looked at the proposal I accepted, when the idea was sent to me and after I listened to the lyrics I realized that I liked it. The beauty of this song is that it is something worth taking about and worth listening to.”

Below is a snippet of what to expect from this hot new video

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