Njeri Kaberere and Peter Kabererere

Exclusive: My son and family are my biggest support system after Kaberere’s death – Njeri

It’s almost five years since the death of Peter Kaberere, after he was electrocuted at his car wash but God has been gracious to his wife Njeri and kids.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Classic 105, Njeri Kaberere says that her son Ula is a constant reminder of her late husband Kaberere, but in a good way.

Njeri Kaberere in a past photo with her late husband Peter Kaberere

Meet the beautiful family left behind by gospel artiste Peter Kaberere four years after his death

Njeri, who works with MoSound says that balancing parenting and her job is not easy but is worth every sweat and tear. It also helps that she has a strong support system in her family and her in-laws who are always at hand to help out.

“Apart from work there there are so many things I do.

I make sure that if I am not home in the evening I have to wake up very early to talk to them and pray with them, go though their homework.

On Saturday when I do not have any events, I shower them, we sometimes go to hang out with my mum in law. However I spend all my Sundays with them.

When I do not have events in the evening I spend my time with them. It’s not easy though because sometimes I am so tired.”

Njeri Kaberer enjoying a photo session with her daughter Njoki and son Ulah

She adds

“My son Ula is a sharp boy, so he keeps reminding me of things I was supposed to do with them or things I am supposed to do for myself.

He knows everything that happened (his fathers death) and he really supports me.

Ulah also reminds me of his dad given that he is a copyright of his dad, his character and all.

The late Kaberere and his son Ulah

He is also very talkative and our home is not quiet because of him. On the other hand my daughter Njoki is very girlish.”

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Njeri goes on to add that

“They do not have any gadgets at all except for a Ipad and they do not have it every day. Ula knows between right and wrong.

Even when a gospel artiste release a ‘bad’ music video my son will point it out. Even when they see me do something they consider wrong Ula is never shy to point it out to me.

But I thank God because so far they know how to differentiate between right and wrong.”

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