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Exclusive: My culture doesn’t allow me to celebrate valentines day – Nasra

Churchill show comedian Nasra is celebrated for being the only Muslim comedian in Kenya and for that she is laughing all the way to the bank.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Nasra says her biggest motivation is wanting to break the stereotype that Muslims are bad.

“Somalis are good people who are known for their generosity but a few people have created the mentality that we are bad,they tend to forget of the good things we do.

I might do something good but once something bad happens they forget the good things.”

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy

Nasra Comedian

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy

Nasra says that despite the fact that things are now looking up, she still faces challenges – the main one being sidelined just because she is a woman.

“People do not give you the morale you deserve. You are called for a job together with a guy but they end up being more than you are despite the fact that you might be doing more work than he is.

Despite all the challenges I  try to focus on the positive things.”

kiraitu murungi and churchill

Speaking about her valentines day plans Nzara says

“I do not celebrate valentines because of my culture and my religion so I do not want to talk about it any further.

Asked whether she is dating she says

I am dating a very nice guy from Madagascar.

I also can’t promise on a wedding soon because  men are the ones who propose. I do not even understand who gave them this responsibility.

If women were given this responsibility we would meet and get married on the second day, right now I would already have married him.”

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