Exclusive: Losing my eye pushed me to work with people with disabilities – Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen never imagined that he would one day have a squint eye, but he did after receiving a severe beating from the public during a robbery.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Owen says that losing his eye made him understand better the challenges that people with disabilities live with.

“I used to face a lot of stigma before I got an operation to make it look normal. It was all white.

When I became a musician I knew what people with disabilities go through and that’s when I decided to start Malaika Trust.

I look for people living with disabilities and then look for sponsors and every year we give 10 people living with disability sh100,00 each.”

daddy owen and wife farida

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He further adds

“I work with National Council of People Living with Disabilities since it has all the profiles and bio’s of people living with disabilities.

After giving out the cash, we follow up with the beneficiaries because for some this cash is enough and for some it’s not enough given that their projects are big.”

In a past interview, Owen had narrated how he lost his eye

“My friends and I had planned to steal in a matatu but things did not turn out well as the people in that matatu beat me up. 

This was immediately after leaving high school. At the time my family lived in Eastland’s Umoja estate.

I came to Nairobi from shags, met different people here and as a young person I wanted to fit in the crew.

I joined a gang that we used to call ‘Mbogi’, and our work was to rob people.

I don’t like this story because I was a thug for two to three years but I want to inspire someone.

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Even as his gang members ended up being killed one by one, Daddy Owen was determined to continue with his lifestyle.

“Most of my friends were killed, others burned down to ashes, but I still kept stealing. You know it is only serious when it happens to you” 

Owen nearly lost his life upon being beaten up by a huge crowd when his attempt to steal from passengers was thwarted.

“There were no phones and so my friends realized that there were askaris in that car and left without my knowledge.

Like we had planned, I started the mission of stealing from the back seats but I was caught and badly beaten. That is when my eye was pierced,” he said.

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