Exclusive: Joho’s barbers reveal why they charge 10,000 per cut

Eric One Wash and Dufanda are the envy of many after they shared that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho pays them a whooping 10,000 per session.

In an exclusive interview the duo says that Joho is just one of the many celebrities they work with.

Joho is however not the only celebrity I have worked with. I have shaved Victor Wanyama, Mariga, Ommy Dimpoz, Nandy  and Diamond Platnumz.

My style is makes me unique from other barbers. I am the best in Africa.

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Ommy Dimpoz and Juma Jux are however hard to work with because they do not like mistakes, they are perfectionists.

On how he ended up as a barber he says

I used to be good in drawing while in school so I combined my art with my profession.

Below are photos of the stylish barbers.

Dufala,Governor Joho's barber
Dufanda,Governor Joho’s barber
image-2019-04-29 (10) (1)
Eric One Wash,Governor Joho’s barber

image-2019-04-29 (8) (1)

image-2019-04-29 (11) (1)

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