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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Why Maina Kageni thinks Nyashinski will rule 2018

Without a doubt it’s going to be the biggest song of 2018.

Singer Nyashinski was in studio where Maina Kageni hosted him as he released his new jam Hayawani.

This song Nyashinski revealed was mastered by Lucas of Ogopa Dj’s.

Nyashinski was premiering his new song and told Maina Kageni the inspiration behind it.

He said;

I feel like the way I see music it has different purposes there are songs for different things but I feel like in my songs I want to pass different messages.

It may be harsh but I feel I need to say it for my conscience to be at peace we need to be more humane, the music it ends with a glorious feel and thats intentional and I need people to feel not just hopeless but theres more don’t feel like the world is ending . Thats how the song sis supposed to sound.

I always feel pressure to do better than my song ‘now you know’ and mungu pekee‘, he added.

Maina: Do you realise how big you’ve become ?

Nyashinski: Man I try not to think about that because its a destruction. Right now I dont think that should be a focus but I’m thankful.

Maina: Tell me abut the new song, and the inspiration behind why you wrote it

Nyash: The inspiration is in the name and message of the song. You know, the humane part of us is slowly dying in us ,our conscience is becoming numb. Everyday we are used to seeing people killed, stealing has become a norm so where is our conscience ,where is that thing where we can differentiate between humane and others?

Maina let it slip that he has had the privilege of watching the two working in studio.

When did you meet Cedo?

Nyash; A year ago, maybe a year I think. When mungu pekee come out, that was the first time .

Maina; Where does Nyash want to be next year?

Nyashinski: Im gonna be an album artiste. Im working hard I’m not depending on my talent, I have a very big team thats hardworking, all I do is the write and the sing, everyone and I mean the whole team they all come together to bring the end product and what you see is not just my effort.

The most interesting thing is to let others do their part after I have done mine.

Listen tot he audio of the exclusive interview below;

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