Exclusive: ‘I was very excited to learn I would be a a father’ – Comedian Njugush

Timothy Kimani better known as, Njugush is a house hold name. He gained popularity from his funny character that is very hard to ignore. He is one of the most successful persons in the entertainment industry. He has featured in local Tv programs like Hapa Kule and the Real House wives Of Kawangware

Besides being a funny man, Njugush is married to the love of his life, Celestine Ndinda who is heavily pregnant with their first child. The two walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding that went down at the PCEA Evergreen in Runda, Nairobi in December last year.

Well, speaking to Word is on phone today, Njugush has revealed that he is so excited about his wife being pregnant and looking forward to being a dad.

Asked about how he received the news about his wife being pregnant, he he said;

Congratulations!! Njugush The Comedian Wife Shows off Her Baby Bump For The First Time

“I was not shocked about the news about my wife being pregnant because it was something we had planned for.”

When asked about the gender of the baby, Njugush said they don’t know but have chosen tentative names for either gender. “We want the gender to be a surprise to us” added Njugush.

“Craving za wife ni za ugenge, mara matumbo, mara guavas, and the worst is that anataka kuona kuku zikichinjwa na sio kukula but tunahundle tu, we have even gone to a butchery just to take fulfill her cravings which is extraordinary because earlier she did not have the guts to watch a chicken being slaughtered.”

The wife is due two to three months from now.

Congratulations to the happy couple as they await their bundle of joy.

Here are photos of the couple;


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