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Exclusive: ‘I strayed from my marriage out of lust’ Confesses Ben Githae

Gospel artiste Ben Githae has cleared the air on allegations that were made against him by his baby mama, of not taking care of their twins.

Speaking during an exclusive interview heard by Classic 105, Githae says

“I was married for 18 years, before I strayed out of our marriage with Margaret Wanjiru.

I cannot say when I exactly started straying all I can say is I strayed and I admit that.

My wife found out long ago that I had strayed and gotten twins and it brought out a lot of issues between us.

We sorted some but some issues were left unsolved.

There were threats and intimidation from my baby mama and that is when she implemented them and let the world know we had children together”

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Asked on whether it is true that he had asked his baby mama to carry out an abortion, Githae says

“Those are just allegations, we were together for 5 years , I can’t say that there was nothing that pushed me to stray I was just ‘greedy’.

I do not have any obligation towards her but I have an obligation towards the kids so I take care of them.

To say the truth my relationship with my wife was shaken during that time.

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ben-githae's twins

By law I have responsibilities to bring them up but there is no law that says that by this day I can see them and on this day I can’t see them.

Visiting them is my choice. The kids are very innocent and it will reach a point where I can even call and ask them where they are.

For now they are still young so I do not know if they recognize me as their dad.”

He concludes saying

“If I say that the the affair did not affect my wife I would be lying, we are managing. I am still trying my best but I am still a man under probation.

My wife has kept these issues to herself for long but when it came out to the media it was the last straw for her, however my family has been supportive.

They rebuke me when need be and support me when I need their support.

My kids also knew about me having babies out of wedlock, even when I was at my lowest they were the ones who encouraged me.

The story getting known did not affect me what really affected me was the people who were involved in ensuring that the story gets to the media.

They were people very close to me and so when they did that I felt very betrayed.

I knew that the story would blow up after the baby mama started telling me that if I do not do this or that for her she would tell every one about the kids.

My affair was out of lust, so you saying that we were in a relationship is wrong.”

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