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Dr Ofweneke on what he told Prof Hamo after recent scandal with Jemutai (Exclusive)

Dr Ofweneke is an example of a smart, authentic and brilliant comedian who has been a fixture on the entertainment scene for the last 11 years.

The man is well-respected among comedians and as such his opinion is listened to by those who know him. With that background in place, I asked the singer his opinion on the sordid scandal that had transpired between his industry colleagues, Professor Hamo and Jemutai?

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Ofweneke said that he had reached out to both but had only been able to reach Professor Hamo. He said that he had been brutally honest with Hamo when they spoke.

“First of all that they should just cool down after their posts attacking each other left, right and center. Number 2 as a man we have no options, that he still bears the most responsibility in getting things back to order, whichever the case.”


“I wanted to speak to him as an elder, and as a friend (which I am), as a brother and as a father myself. I have two kids with my ex, Niccah and we have certain agreements as to how we raise them. Yes, they can reach an agreement and this isn’t the end. If Hamo has done wrong, I told him he needs to be man enough to apologise.”

Dr Ofweneke pleaded with the public to give the two time to heal and work on their issues. He was also concerned about the impact the scandal could have on the kids.

“I wish them all the best, especially for the sake of the children. It is something I have always told every estranged couple, that at the end of the day it’s no longer about the two of you.  It ceases to be about the two of you when a child comes into your life. It’s about protecting the kids, cause the world is cruel.”

He finished by commending Churchill for his timely intervention in the ruckus. “I am pretty sure that they will reconcile their differences but I am happy that Churchill intervened when he did.”

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