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Exclusive: I don’t sleep with my female fans – says MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky has in an exclusive interview with Classic 105 reveled that the reason he does not sleep with his fans is because he is afraid of losing them.

According to Tricky, a fan has other friends who might be his fans, so ruining a relationship with one means severing ties with the others.

He also went to confess that no woman has ever dumped him.

I have never been dumped maybe I have never loved. The moment you allow fans to hit on you that becomes a mistake given once you sleep with a fan you end losing other fans.

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Churchill comedian MCA Tricky in the past clarified that people took things out of proportion after word went round that he wanted to date Akothee’s daughter.

Tricky says his only mistake was chatting with her in the comments section, it was very public.

I blundered by chatting with her in the comment section and everybody saw it. What people did not know is that people were watching.

The next thing I knew I was on blogs.

After hearing the news, Akothee summoned me at her home to ask me if I was serious about wanting to date her daughter.

Mca Tricky and Rue Baby
Mca Tricky and Rue Baby

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As you might know Akothee is a no nonsense woman and her character might have intimidated MCA Tricky to deny wanting to date Rue Baby.

You cannot just touch Akothee’s daughter just like that. I denied that I was in love with her daughter.


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