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Exclusive: Classic 105 Radio Presenter Mike Mondo Shares His Journey From Being A Nurse To Becoming A Radio Presenter (Video)

Hunky Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo has been hosting the drive show on the station for a while now. The sultry lad drives women crazy with his voice and is sitting in for Maina Kageni who is currently on holiday.

Well, we unearthed a few unknown facts about the lad who is making our mornings beautiful and fun.

Mike Mondo to begin with is a dad, to the cutest girl you’ve ever seen. The adoring dad always showers his daughter with praise and is fond of showing her off.

He narrated how it is fitting in Maina’s morning show as compared to the evening show. He said that the evening show is lighter than the morning show because the audience in the evening show are more forgiving than the morning audience adding that it is one of the challenging shows he has ever done.

What is more surprising about Mike Mondo is that he did nursing as a profession before becoming a presenter.

Well he took us through his journey of being a nurse.

“I went to nursing school in 2002 and graduated in 2006 and have worked in a Tuberculosis campaign. I have done nursing in whole from practicing how to deliver children, post theatre patient and I managed to do about 69 deliveries, 11 breach deliveries , I have also assisted in caeserian section and I have done normal deliveries. I have worked in Kenyatta Hospital in Kitengela, Kilifi hospital and even Pumwani hospital.”

He also narrated to us how he ended up in Radio,

“Radio was a fluke for me and I currently feel so much for the nurses because their pay is so little and that is why I quit nursing. I came back to Nairobi and decided to start something.

I was having some food in Nairobi and the waitress went to look for change. Then I saw a Queue leading to the front and decided to ask what it was all about and someone told me that they were doing auditions for radio and because I was looking for one I joined the line. 

I did my part and they told me to give them my contacts and after a while they called me and I did the voice test, after that they asked me to suggest the amount of salary I would want to be given and after I mentioned I was given a contract and they offered me the job.

I was doing an evening show at Hot 96 and I was filling in for a big name. There was so much hate and I felt like quiting because of so much negativity from the social media people telling me to quit and I gave in to the hate and decided to quit so I went to the boss and told him that I could not continue but he told me no, you have to do this show. He introduced me to a person who was so patient with me and sat with me everyday during the show.

Everything I  know about radio I did not learn in school, I learnt everything about radio at the working place and I think its because I had very patient employers when I started working and therefore I learnt step by step.”

Watch the whole interview;

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