My ex preferred food to me! Cries distraught woman

An ex-fiancé of the former world’s fattest man has said that sex with him was ‘great’ – and that they split up because he chose food over her.

Rebecca Mountain, from Massachusetts, started dating Paul Mason, now 58, in 2013 when she messaged him after seeing him in the documentary Eating To Death: The World’s Fattest Man.

Then 19st, he moved across the pond to be with her in 2014, where they enjoyed a great sex life – despite her weighing just eight stone, reports the Sun.

At the time, Mr Mason’s excess skin alone weighed the same amount at Ms Mountain.

Rebecca Mountain, pictured with her then-boyfriend Paul Mason in 2013, has said the pair's sex life was 'great'

The pair were together until October 2015, when Mr Mason returned to his old habits and began piling on the pounds.

Ms Mountain said of their relationship – and s3x life: ‘I date guys I’m emotionally attracted to and that translates into physical attraction. With Paul we clicked right off the bat. It was really easy to be with him.’

She told the Sun: ‘I remember asking him: “What’s it going to be like to be a thin person again?” In his optimist way he said: “I think it will be good”. But he said he would see pictures of himself as a thin person and he didn’t recognise that person.’

The couple rekindled their relationship in 2017, when they both agreed to try out the paleo diet, which involves eating just meat and vegetables.

But soon enough Mr Mason was eating bread – and it was the final straw for Ms Mountain, who left him for good in July that year.

Now Mr Mason has returned to the UK for treatment on the NHS – including surgery to replace his knees, repair eight stomach hernias and adjust his bypass.

Before he left the UK Mr Mason’s care was costing UK taxpayers £100,000-a-year and an estimated £1.5million in total.


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