‘My ex dumped me after I spent 3.1 million on him’ Cries Nairobi woman

Today’s morning conversation was based on why women do not harm men when relationships fail, inspite of having invested in them financially.

This came about after men called in yesterday justifying why they kill women once a relationship breaks, with the excuse of ‘I have spent money on her’.

Here is what one woman had to say

There is a day my ex told me that he had a farming project so I gave him Ksh 700,000 only for me to realize that there was no farm in the first place.

After that he left me went and married someone else.

I had already spent Ksh 3.1 million on him by the time tuachane. We parted after my family found out about the things he was doing to me.

Maina can you believe he still calls me begging me turudiane? His excuse is that his family is the one that forced him to marry the other lady he left me for.

He called me to beg me for cash after his wife gave birth and out of pity for the new born I gave him Ksh 35,000.

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Maina Kageni was so shocked and here is what he had to say

You gave him what?after the way he treated you .You know what just block that guy because he is a user.

Another adds

Can you remind ladies to stop taking boys and trying to make them into the men they want ,so that hii story ya kusema i made him into what he is.

If he has not discovered himself once he does he will move on and go with some one else and that person will not be you.

Acha maneno ya kuchukua mtu usafishe.

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