‘Her ex broke all the car windows because he bought if for her’ Nancy

The morning conversation was based on whether parents are spoiling their kids too much, and in the process not teaching them life lessons, such as accepting rejection.

This was based on the increased murders in campuses and among the youth aged between 19 and 23.

Mwalimu King’ang’i and Maina Kageni for the first time agreed that it’s time parents learnt to teach their kids to accept that you will not always get a ‘YES’ in life.

One parent says

African kids haven’t reached civilization level as for me spare my kid in schoool but akifika home kiboko lazima itembee.

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Another caller *Nancy* adds

Maina let me tell you of an incidence that happened today morning.

I was leaving my house and as I was getting into my car  I saw a guy with a rungu. Shortly after the guy started hitting a car that was within smashing it as hard as he could.

On asking the watchman what was happening he informed me that the guy had come to the girl he bought a car for and she was not at home nor was she picking her calls.


He broke all the windows and the headlights. So in my mind I was like why don’t you just take your car and leave.

He looked like he was in his 30’s or 40’s.

Maina he looked so angry I was tempted to just tell him to get his car and leave. My advise to women is that they should not accept gifts just like that because someone will get entitled to your loyalty for life.

I was so scared because I knew if by any chance she showed up he might have killed her.

Another parent adds

These kababa’s are the first product of a government that withdrew the cane, they do not know what rejection is and they do not know how to take it when it comes.

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