Everything you need to know to nail a job interview

According to leading Australian recruitment expert, Kara Atkinson, the first 60 seconds of any meeting between a manager and potential employee are crucial – so being in top form is all important.

‘Before you even walk into the room and sit down. Right or wrong, judgements are being formed quickly,’ Ms Atkinson said.

What top nine things should you do to impress at an interview?

1. Make sure your hair has been cut recently, and your nasal hair is non-existent.

2. Take your sunglasses off your head and remove any facial piercings.

3. Wear deodorant/aftershave/perfume, but not enough that your interviewer can smell it before they see you.

4. Wear industry appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes.

5. Shake hands – firmly. And make some eye contact while you’re doing it. Then maintain eye contact.

6. Accept the water/tea/coffee when asked. You are attempting to build a relationship here.

7. Push the small talk as you walk towards the interview room – traffic, weather, something in reception that you noticed whilst waiting, anything to build rapport quickly.

8. Give specific and concise examples to each question. Don’t be vague or offer suggestions as to what you would do in a hypothetical situation.

 9.  Try to smile often, work some humour and commonality into the conversation.


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