‘Every time he beat my mum my heart broke’ YY on abusive dad

Comedian YY, whose real names are Oliver Otieno, recently opened up on how abusive his dad was while growing up, something that pushed him closer to his mum.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105, the entertainer was open about his parent’s troubled relationship. He said

“When I was growing up my dad was abusive, I was a kid in the middle nlikua naona sa zingine akifika home anaanza kuchapa mathe,sometimes anakuja kama amaelewa so ikaleta a very strong between me and my mum.”

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He added:

“I would see him beating her and I would go in between to try and do something only to be thrown off. I think sometimes maturity gets into an individual depending on the experiences they have gone through and not their age.

I started thinking of ways that I could help my mum, I would help her wash utensils and other chores despite the fact that I could not do it to perfection.”



How did his father’s death affect him? His answer was rather instructive as to the experiences he had gone through with his father. He responded:

“Before then I used to think maybe if dad was here things would be better but then I remembered all the struggles he put my mother through and realized how badly I wanted to give my mother a better life.

Not just my mum, but I would love every woman out there to be respected. “

YYSeating on the fruits of his blessings

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He urged men to respect women and to avoid physically abusing them. One interesting fact about YY is that despite the painful memories he has concerning his father, his stage name is still inspired by his father.

He added that

“YY was my dad’s name. It is a nickname that he was given by his Kalenjin friends. YY is someone outgoing, someone that doesn’t stay at one place.

He used to live here in Nairobi. My dad however passed away when I was in class 3 so I decided to let his legacy live.”

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