Euniece Njeri admits she’s SINGLE years after nasty divorce



Gospel singer Euniece Njeri’s biggest challenge to date continues to be her public split from her ex back in 2016, after walking out hours after the wedding.

In an interview on Milele FM, Euniece Njeri admitted her biggest struggle remains being ridiculed for leaving her marriage

‘ the biggest challenge may be 2016 when everybody was talking about me. That was very big for me. I was a runaway bride in 2016’

Eunice Njeri Finally Explains Why She Left Her Hubby Hours After Their Wedding


‘ I had decided I was not ready’.

But she still walked down the aisle to say I do to him. Why did she go along with it when she knew all along she wasn’t ready to be someones wife?

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She defended herself saying

‘I got to church, but the biggest struggle was the aftermath’  

‘I felt like it was time to do this, and then it wasn’t, so I just changed my mind,’ she whispered.

Irreconcilable Differences? Eunice Njeri’s ex-hubby takes swipe at singer over ‘starting over’ message

And I just didn’t change my mind, it was a God thing, so I didn’t just wake up in the morning and decided to walk out, it was a thing that was going on for a long time. It’s only that I made my decision a bit too late. 


So has she remarried or is she dating?

‘No’, she said insisting she is single, and has no man in her life.

‘Wakati ukifika utafika, na nitawaambia’.

‘I had been saying no for 20 years’, Eunice Njeri opens up on why she ended her marriage with rapper

Classic 105 fam, have you ever developed cold feet hours to your wedding, and what did you do about it?

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