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I didn’t sleep my way up to success! Esther Passaris declares

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has ridiculed rumours that she rose to the helm of the country’s political ladder courtesy of her beauty.

She was fire!!! Kenyans amazed at TBT of Esther Passaris from 1991

In an interview with Lillian Muli, the female politician attributed her success to hard work, undying fighting spirit and God’s grace, contrary to what most of her critics think.

Lillian Muli interviewing Esther Passaris
Lillian Muli interviewing Esther Passaris

The women’s rep said it was sad that most people, particularly men, feel successful must have ‘slept their way up’. “I feel that women are always accused of sleeping their way up when they are successful. I had my own businesses so I couldn’t sleep with myself, I had my own company, I had Adopt- A-light project and I have always been a social entrepreneur,’ she said.

Esther Passaris TBT
Esther Passaris TBT

Passaris has been known to turn heads with her visible beauty online.
‘I would love to say that I am more beautiful in my heart than I am physically because this is not beauty, this is what God has given me so I want people to like me because they know the inner Esther, so I don’t look at the inner beauty. Every person has a calling and my calling is serving the people. Even as an MP I feel that I should do more to help people, I like everybody to have self-esteem,” she added.

Esther Passaris in the dress that has offended some
Esther Passaris in the past

Apart from the company that she started Passaris has been recognised as the best serving women rep in the country.
Earlier in the year, the MP received the 2019 Outstanding African Community Figure Award from Voice Achievers for her contribution to the advancement of women and youth in Kenya.

Passaris winning an award
Passaris winning an award

Voice Achievers Award is given to leaders who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the political, corporate and social sphere.
Esther has been vocal in advocating and championing for the rights of women and the less fortunate in the society.

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