Lillian Muli interviewing Esther Passaris

I am not ashamed of being in a polygamous marriage – Passaris says

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris isn’t a politician afraid to speak her mind and tell it as she sees it. Passaris was interviewed by Citizen T.V’s Lillian Muli where she spoke about her polygamous marriage, saying she wasn’t ashamed of it.

Esther Passaris
Esther at a public event

Passaris narrated how at first she battled with the fact that she is in a polygamous marriage but later came to accept it. She explained to Lillian that it wasn’t her plan to get married in a polygamous marriage even though she found herself in one.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

However, out of her marriage, Nairobi Women Representative disclosed that she had two children who were blessings to her. Passaris also celebrated her husband saying that despite the struggles polygamous fathers face, he had tried his best.

‘Somebody once said to me that your life is like a book, and every chapter is who you are. So you have to own it. I can’t be embarrassed or ashamed of who I am and what I have experienced. I think they are all learning curves and God puts us through certain experiences so that we can find him. So that we can understand who we are as human beings.

So if am ashamed of who I am, I mean there was a time that I battled about being in a polygamous marriage. I didn’t plan for it, I ended up in it. I have two beautiful children. Those are a blessing to me. My husband and I have had our troubles but we are good friends, we love each other and that’s what is important. and we’ve raised two beautiful children even though you know when you are in a polygamous marriage, the father doesn’t have enough time…’ she divulged to Lillian.

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